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  • My Songwriting Process in 10 Steps

    My Songwriting Process in 10 Steps

    Earlier, I posted about using Soundslice to write my latest song, “Two Trees”. Today, I’ll give you the origin story of “Two Trees” as a case study for how to generate lyric ideas and to develop a song. I recently joined a women’s songwriting circle. As the first assignment, each of us were challenged to…

  • Songwriting with Soundslice

    Songwriting with Soundslice

    My brain is more of a colander than a steel box. A new song idea may drain out through the holes before I can commit it to long term storage. Luckily, I am not a medieval bard relying solely on memory to retain my songs. I have technology. In today’s post, I’ll discuss how using…

  • Use a Weighted Arm to play Ukulele Effortlessly

    I got another good tip from my ukulele teacher, Kevin. He said he was playing for 30 years before he learned this so he suggested I share it in my blog. Gotta love the free-sharing uke community! In my last post, I talked about my hand problems, and how Kevin suggested “the claw” hand position…

  • Using a Claw Hand to Avoid Ukulele Injuries

    Using a Claw Hand to Avoid Ukulele Injuries

    Illustrated guide to how to adjust your playing position to avoid fretting hand injuries on ukulele or guitar.

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