Free Ukulele Fretboard Learning Tools

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I've developed some free tools to make it easy to learn the ukulele fretboard.  Read on to learn how to use the tools and get free access.

I’m buckling down and learning all the note names on the ukulele fretboard. In the process, I’ve built some tools for myself to help me learn. Read my post, “Is It Finally Time for You to Learn the Ukulele Fretboard? Here’s how!“, for more details on the process I’m using. It’s taking some determination and a lot of repetition, but I’m getting much quicker at naming the notes.

The key is to quiz yourself often to strengthen the connections in your brain. I’ve created two tools: 1. printable, fill in the blank, empty fretboard templates and 2. an interactive ukulele fretboard map that hides and reveals the answers to help you study.

Empty Templates

Sure, its old-school, but filling in a template is a tried and true method of memorization. You can print out these ukulele fretboard worksheets and fill them in with pencil. Not only will this exercise help you to memorize the fretboard, it will create a nice reference you can keep with your practice materials. The templates look like this:

Spreadsheet with 12 rows representing frets 1-12 and 4 columns representing each ukulele string

The template has 6 fretboard grids on one page. Use portrait and fit-to-size if you want to print them. It’s easy to fill them sequentially in order on each string: A_BC_D_EF_G_A… Try filling the frets in randomly, or horizontally, or diagonally. Challenge yourself so it will stick!

Interactive Fretboard

As I’ve been learning the fretboard, I wanted a “reusable” fretboard template that would also check my work so I didn’t accidentally learn the wrong notes. I created this second spreadsheet as a study tool.

The spreadsheet has question marks in each of the cells. As you mouse-over each cell, a comment appears with the name of the note. Use this to quiz yourself. Look at a cell, then when you think you know the name of the note, mouse over and check your answer. Mouse away or click somewhere else to hide the answer.

On mobile devices you can double-touch the cell and then click “notes”. This will open the notes dialog and reveal the answer. Click cancel to hide the answer.

Ukulele fretboard with hidden answers

I used Google Sheets to make these tools. There are two tabs to the workbook. “Interactive Study” contains the interactive ukulele fretboard study tool. “Blank Ukulele Fretboards” contains the empty worksheets.

You can access these tools for free here:

You’ll need to make a copy of the file in order to edit it.

Please let me know how these tools worked for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it really free? Yes, it’s free, I’m not even asking you to subscribe to a newsletter. 😉 Please like and follow my blog. I hope to make more content on journaling and songwriting. Your support means a lot to me!
  2. Can I share this file with other people? I would love for you to share the link with anyone interested in learning their ukulele fretboard. This tool is my work and is protected by copyright.
  3. Who do I contact with suggestions? Contact Me!

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