About Lyrical Thinking

Lyrical Thinking encourages anyone interested creative pursuits, and particularly folks that practice journaling through songwriting. Whether you’re an experienced musician or just curious about the songwriting process, I hope to inspire you and to give you ideas for how to develop a journaling practice that includes songwriting.

About Songwriting Journaling

In songwriting journaling, you write lyrics set to music. Free yourself from the pressure of writing a “good” song and focus on the lyrics and the emotion. Writing a song can help you understand your emotions and help you process your thoughts. The added structure of rhythm and rhyme will enhance your creativity. You may find that you’ve reduced your anxiety and increased your happiness!

About Sumiko Courtney

Hi! I’ve been a musician since I picked up a viola in fourth grade for elementary orchestra, way back, as my kids like to say, “in the 1900’s”. I make music for fun and for socializing, not as a living. Over the years, I’ve learned to play a little guitar and piano, and most recently, I’ve been playing ukulele since 2019. In 2022, I started Lyrical Thinking after writing my first song. I’d like to share my songwriting journey with you and encourage you to develop your own songwriting journaling habit.

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