Free Interactive Ukulele Fretboard Learning tool

Last week when I published Is It Finally Time for You to Learn the Ukulele Fretboard? Here’s how!, I had worked hard on building an interactive ukulele fretboard learning tool. I built it because it was exactly the tool I wanted to help me learn. Unfortunately, I had to remove the tool from that post for technical reasons. However, today, I’ve reworked the tool and I’m sharing that it with you in hopes that it will help you with your ukulele goals too.

There are free ukulele fretboard flashcards out on the internet, but I find them cumbersome to use. I don’t like that the cards just show a few frets at a time, and I find it cumbersome to flip the card back and forth and move to the next card. Using my tool, I can quiz myself on the notes for each fret, and quickly check my answers just by mousing over.

Unfortunately, my original tool built right into my blog page relied on simple CSS which my subscription to WordPress does not support. (Here’s a tip, always preview your WordPress posts using “preview in new tab” to see if they really work before you waste time doing anything with the Custom HTML block. The editor is not an accurate representation of how it will appear when published.) I reworked the tool using Javascript, only to discover that WordPress doesn’t support that either. But, the third time’s the charm, so I’ve recreated the functionality in Google Sheets. I’ve also included some blank ukulele fretboard templates that you can use for paper and pen practice if that’s your thing.

See the instructions on Free Ukulele Fretboard Learning Tools for how to access the tools. Uke on!

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